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Cody Winkle[edit]

Cody Winkle is a 'floater', one of many HackMaster players in Muncie who just can't seem to find a group where he fits in. Not even the Black Hands (who are known for taking those 'black sheep' players no one else will have) will have him. He played with the Black Hands for a short time before being given the "big boot" by Weird Pete. (Describing Cody, Weird Pete once said, "Despite the facts staring him right in the face he thinks very highly of himself -- I find that annoying")

Cody is active in community theatre and writes a movie review column for the college newspaper called "As I Saw It..." Except for a few favorable reviews for his portrayal of Fagin in the stage production of Oliver his acting career has been less than remarkable (though to listen to him you would think otherwise). Cody is a huge role-playing fan and likes to combine his acting skills with the game.

Despite his acting career, most gamers know of him because of a rather bizarre event that happened at HackCon '98. Cody was found bound and gagged in a dumpster behind the Con site. It is suspected he was the victim of a form of gamer-style justice called "Taking out the Trash." Cody refused to identify his attackers and has largely dropped out of sight - occasionally popping up to fill in an empty seat. He's listed in the Gamer Temp Corps database.----

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