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Heidi Jackson[edit]

  • Heidi Jackson - estranged wife of Gary Jackson and owner of a regular publishing company, Paperback Werks, and acting President of Hard 8 after the death of Gary Jackson - although she rarely if ever actually shows up at Hard 8, instead holding telephone conferences with the staff. Heidi is a hard-nosed businesswoman who cares nothing for games or gamers, and imposes continuously harsher deadlines for Hard 8 to show greater and greater profit margins, having threatened to close down the company more than once if it fails to show sufficient growth. Many of the employees dislike Heidi, but Jo Jo (below) has accepted that her business attitude is only acknowledging and dealing with a weakness that was already there. In the most recent issues, Heidi has begun demanding changes in Hackmaster, to the point it resembles one of the romance/adventure novels her company publishes. (Some of the changes suggested by Heidi appear to be not-so-subtle jabs at the recent, real-world alterations made to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.)

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