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Jo Jo Zeke[edit]

  • Jo Jo Zeke - Jo Jo was (until his untimely demise) Gary Jackson's best friend, and the guardian of Timmy Jackson. He still retains his latter title, watching over Timmy and making sure that Hackmaster (and any other Hard Eight games) progress forward. Jo Jo one year was forced to accompany Timmy Jackson to host a Hackmaster tournament because Gary would be busy. In the aftermath, Jo Jo grabbed a then-crying Timmy and retreated back to Hard Eight as fast as possible. Everyone found out why very quickly, for the prize of the tournament turned out to be a $1500 certificate for One-Legged Dwarf Kits and Spelljacked cards. This development enraged even those who had lost the tournament, and a riot broke out. In more recent issues, having been pressed by the Hard Eight staff to stand up to Heidi Jackson's more ridiculous changes to HackMaster, Jo Jo presented their case... and was subsequently fired. He has created his own gaming company now, alerting Heidi to this when he attempted to buy some of the intellectual material she had put up for sale.

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