Martin "Switch" Wucjik

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Martin "Switch" Wucjik[edit]

Switch earned his nickname during the great heyday of Farm Implement theft rings which were rampant in America's heartland during the mid 80's. His specialty was 'switching' serial numbers on combines and thrashers before they were loaded onto flatbed trailers destined (eventually) for the Ukraine where they were in hot demand.

Eventually a Department of Agriculture special task force got wind of such doings and threw out its nets. Unfortunately for Switch he was quickly ensnared. When the Feds had enough "dirt" [literally AND figuratively] on Switch they tightened their noose and convinced him to "squeal." Once he started it was hard to shut him up.

To avoid prosecution, Switch became an all too willing informant. He did his job well and with great zeal. Most of his former partners in crime went to prison. (Including Crutch, who to this day isn't aware that Switch sold him out.)

These days, Switch is just another petty-thug operating beneath the radar (for the most part) of the local police. He manages to work just enough 'jobs' to keep himself in 'walking around money'.

Switch has a weakness for gambling in all its forms - be it cock fighting, dog racing, horses, craps, slots, bear baiting, or his favorite - Penny Pachinko. This means he's usually broke.

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