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Featured Article

Jolly Blackburn majored in anthropology, history, and classical cultures in college.[1] Blackburn later joined the Army, and launched both the gaming magazine Shadis and his company Alderac Entertainment Group (named after his AD&D campaign world) while still in the Army.[1] The original Shadis was a black-and-white digest featured gaming articles largely written by Blackburn, and each issue featured several pieces of fiction collectively called the "Alderac Anthonology" which detailed Blackburn's world of Alderac (one of Alderac's moons was Shadis, from which the magazine borrowed its name).[2]:262 He conceived of having a comic strip that became Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) in 1990 as part of Shadis: "I had been a great fan of J.D. Webster's Finieous Fingers from the early Dragon Magazine, and I wanted something similar. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone willing to do a strip. Finally I sat down and drew out a very crude cartoon showing a gamemaster and a player sitting around a table arguing over a rules call."[1] Blackburn based the KoDT characters on friends and fellow players, and B.A. Felton on himself.[1] Blackburn conceived the cartoon as just filler material, but when he replaced it with more professional strips in one issue of Shadis there was an outcry from fans.[2]:262


Did You Know?

  • Did you know the co-creator of D&D was almost sued into oblivion by the company he helped found?

  • Did you know the opposite sides of a die always adds up to 7

  • Did you know a pip is one of the spots on die or domino

  • Did you know everyday, more money is printed for Monopoly sets than for the U.S. Treasury

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Knights of the Dinner Table
Shoulda spent the gold…

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Death Knocks…
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Outta my way, Grandpa!
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What to do…
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And then I, and then I, and then I…
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After Action Review — Editor’s Cut
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Jolly Blackburn 2018-04-24 05:50:05
Don’t Touch another Player’s Dice!
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Steven Johansson 2018-04-23 08:00:22

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Get Your Beach Body Ready For The Curse Words Summer Swimsuit Special
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Eisner Winner Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze Returns With Full-Color Editions
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Dark Horse to publish “Disney Princess: Jasmine’s New Pet”, an original graphic novel based on Alladin. Arriving in October.
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Stan Sakai Wins Inaugural Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award
Stan Sakai, the acclaimed cartoonist and creator of Usagi Yojimbo, is the recipient of the inaugural Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award.
Image's The Weatherman Inspires An Original, Synthwave Soundtrack
Image Comics is pleased to announce an original soundtrack for THE WEATHERMAN curated by synthwave phenomenon MAGIC SWORD and featuring song contributions from today's hottest synthwave artists!
The Wild Hunt Begins For 'The Witcher Library Edition'
The Witcher Library Edition collects issues #1–#5 of the Witcher comic series House of Glass, Fox Children, Curse of Crows, and the Killing Monsters one-shot
D&D Meets Mad Max In 'Coda'
Spurrier and Bergara combine Dungeons and Dragons with Mad Max with CODA! Take a look at the next installment in BOOM! Studios' fantasy epic.
DC Unveils More Looney Tunes Specials
Following the sales and critical success of titles like Batman/Elmer Fudd, more of Warner Bros classic cartoon characters will get the DC Universe treatment this August.
Thompson and Caselli Takes The Avengers Back To The West Coast
Kelly Thompson and Stefano Caselli Bring The Band Back Together in WEST COAST AVENGERS! The all-new team-up begins this August!
First Look: The Battle For Dominance Begins With Harbinger Wars 2 #2
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