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Featured Article

Jolly Blackburn majored in anthropology, history, and classical cultures in college.[1] Blackburn later joined the Army, and launched both the gaming magazine Shadis and his company Alderac Entertainment Group (named after his AD&D campaign world) while still in the Army.[1] The original Shadis was a black-and-white digest featured gaming articles largely written by Blackburn, and each issue featured several pieces of fiction collectively called the "Alderac Anthonology" which detailed Blackburn's world of Alderac (one of Alderac's moons was Shadis, from which the magazine borrowed its name).[2]:262 He conceived of having a comic strip that became Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT) in 1990 as part of Shadis: "I had been a great fan of J.D. Webster's Finieous Fingers from the early Dragon Magazine, and I wanted something similar. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone willing to do a strip. Finally I sat down and drew out a very crude cartoon showing a gamemaster and a player sitting around a table arguing over a rules call."[1] Blackburn based the KoDT characters on friends and fellow players, and B.A. Felton on himself.[1] Blackburn conceived the cartoon as just filler material, but when he replaced it with more professional strips in one issue of Shadis there was an outcry from fans.[2]:262


Did You Know?

  • Did you know the co-creator of D&D was almost sued into oblivion by the company he helped found?

  • Did you know the opposite sides of a die always adds up to 7

  • Did you know a pip is one of the spots on die or domino

  • Did you know everyday, more money is printed for Monopoly sets than for the U.S. Treasury

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Knights of the Dinner Table
Aged in the Keg

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Men That Hack
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Men That Hack
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Comic Headlines
Preview Jean Grey Prime's return in this PHOENIX RESURRECTION video

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ComicList 2017-11-23 01:58:00
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 already earns a second printing
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ComicList Previews: STEVEN UNIVERSE #10
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ComicList Previews: THE BEAUTIFUL DEATH #3
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Declan Shalvey and PJ Holden helm the all-new JAMES BOND: M One-Shot
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ComicList 2017-11-22 20:04:00
ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 11/29/2017 (1 Week Out)
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ComicList Previews: TORCHWOOD THE CULLING #2
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BRICKJOURNAL #48 returns you to the world of Mecha
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ComicList 2017-11-22 16:44:00
ComicList Previews: WARHAMMER 40000 DAWN OF WAR #4
<a href=";b=44882&amp;m=8908&amp;afftrack=&amp;
ComicList 2017-11-22 15:55:00
IDW Publishing February 2018 Solicitations
<img src="" title="The Spider King #1 (of 4)" style="float:right;margin-left:10px;border:none;"...
ComicList 2017-11-22 14:11:00
<a href=";userID=167587&amp;productID=723649636"><img src="
ComicList 2017-11-22 13:29:00
Will Dennis to be volunteer editor on WHERE WE LIVE anthology
<img src="" title="WHERE WE LIVE" style="float:right;margin-left:10px;border:none;&...
ComicList 2017-11-22 12:36:00
KICK-ASS trade paperbacks and series arrive at Image Comics
<img src="" title="KICK-ASS: THE DAVE LIZEWSKI YEARS, Vol. 1" style="float:right;margin-...
ComicList 2017-11-22 10:00:00
BATMAN ANNUAL #2 travels back with a second printing
<a href=";userID=167587&amp;productID=723650345"><img src="
ComicList 2017-11-22 02:01:00
<a href=";userID=167587&amp;productID=723649817"><img src="
ComicList 2017-11-22 00:38:00
Second Look at Valiant Entertainment's NINJA-K #2
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ComicList 2017-11-22 00:21:00
Valiant Entertainment February 2018 Solicitations
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Image Comics February 2018 Solicitations
<img src="" title="KICK-ASS #1" style="float:right;margin-left:10px;border:none;" />The kind...
ComicList 2017-11-21 23:46:00
Captain America is frozen and thawed again this February
<img src="" title="CAPTAIN AMERICA #698 &#8211; OUT OF TIME Part 1" style="flo...
ComicList 2017-11-21 21:45:00
<a href=";userID=167587&amp;productID=723649299"><img src="
ComicList 2017-11-21 20:56:00
Greg Pak and Cory Smith construct an all-new WEAPON H series
<img src="" title="WEAPON H #1" style="float:right;margin-left:10px;border:none;" /&...
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Marvel Comics February 2018 Solicitations
<img src="" title="X-MEN RED #1" style="float:right;margin-left:10px;border:none;" />The kind...
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Earth's last line of defense is THE SPIDER KING this February
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ComicList 2017-11-21 17:51:00
<a href=";userID=167587&amp;productID=723649562"><img src="
ComicList 2017-11-21 15:33:00
Month-long anthology miniseries TWISTED ROMANCE arrives this February
<img src="" title="TWISTED ROMANCE" style="float:right;margin-left:10px;border:none;&qu...

ComicList 2017-11-21 14:12:00

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ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 11/22/2017

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ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for 11/18/2017 (Local Comic Shop Day)
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Current Events
Watch Jean Grey’s New Story Unfold in Marvel’s Phoenix Resurrection Teaser!

Witness the true force of the Phoenix in this official Marvel teaser for PHOENIX RESURRECTION!
A Viking And Alien Create The Spider King
<strong>The Spider King</strong> introduces a vicious and violent world of survival to an extra terrestrial threat unlike any mankind has faced before. Nominated for Best Graphic Novel...
Rick Veitch's "The One" To Be Remastered By IDW
Rick Veitch's classic <strong>The One</strong> is about to be resurrected from the back issue bins by IDW Publishing. The new collection will feature recolored pages exclusive to th...
DC’s Doomsday Clock #1 Sells Out, Gets Second Printing
Due to the incredible demand for the series that promises to bring the WATCHMEN characters and the DC Universe together for the first time, DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 has already gone back to the printer.
Will Dennis Steps Up As Volunteer Editor On Where We Live Anthology
Image Comics is pleased to reveal the cover artwork—by J.H. Williams III—for the WHERE WE LIVE anthology and welcome editor Will Dennis on board to volunteer his time curating and coordinating...
Marvel Announces New Weapon H Series
Marvel is excited to announce that Weapon H will star in a new ongoing series coming in March from Totally Awesome Hulk/Weapon X writer Greg Pak and X-Men: Blue artist Cory Smith.
Cap Back On Ice
He was a man out of time…and now he’s about to re-live that moment all over again. Following the shocking ending of the last issue, Steve Rogers is back on ice in <strong>Captain America...
Harley Quinn Gets Solo Animated Series In 2018
Harley Quinn will topline her own 26-episode animated comedy series on DC Entertainment's stand-alone digital service.
Where You Can Find Wolverine
His return to the Marvel Universe was just the beginning, and the Infinity Stone he holds could change everything. Now, the questions begin: Why was he searching for the Infinity Stone?
Brutal Sci-Fi Series VS Arrives This February
Superstar artist Esad Ribi&#263; will make his creator-owned debut, teaming up with acclaimed writer Ivan Brandon for the darkly satirical sci-fi series VS this February from Image Comics.
PREVIEWS Prevue — James Bond: Solstice From Dynamite Entertainment
PREVIEWSworld has your first look inside the James Bond: Solstice One-Shot from Dynamite Entertainment, in comic shops November 22nd! A stunning thirty-page tale by writer/artist IIbrahim Moustafa!
Santa's Side Job
One day each year, Santa Claus delivers presents to children. The other 364, he moonlights as a down-on-his luck private dick named Nick Santana. This story is a not-so-merry tale.
Babylon Berlin: The Inspiration Behind The Smash Hit TV Series
This January sees the release of Babylon Berlin from Titan Comics. A graphic novel adaptation of the book that inspired this autumn's highly anticipated TV series, now showing across Europe and...
They Who Hold Infinity
Marvel put out a teaser image late in the week depicting Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, and Wolverine with the title "They Hold Infinity!" Fanboys and fangirls: your thoughts?
Hot New Horror Series Evolution Rushed Back To Print
The hot new Image/Skybound horror series EVOLUTION is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with increased customer demand.
Coyotes Debut Issue Rushed Back To Print
Image Comics is pleased to announce that the first issue of COYOTES, the new dark fantasy series from Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarsky, is being rushed back to print to keep up with customer demand.
Image Expo Returns In February 2018
Image Comics’ EXPO will be held in Portland, Oregon and will host a line-up of exciting creator-owned announcements. The event is open to all fans, comics retailers, librarians, and media.
Sneak Peek: X-O Manowar #11
The extraterrestrial kingdom X-O Manowar brought to order beneath his armored gauntlet is about to be decided in blood and steel. Take a look at the future courtesy of this sneak peek!
Dark Horse Showcases Yarns From Ethan Young
What do a legendary hero in a sci-fi dystopian future and a complete collection of semiautobiographical webcomics have in common at Dark Horse? Both are works from Mr. Ethan Young.
Dark Horse Prays To The God Of War
Dark Horse, Santa Monica Studio, and Sony Interactive Entertainment join forces to present essential companions and comics to the highly-popular video game, <strong>God of War</strong>.
Insects Invade Scary Monsters Magazine #107
They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky ... no, no, not that family! We're talkin' the slithery, slimy and spiny colossal creatures you&...
Peter Parker Turns 300
The long running Spidey book follows the reveal of Peter Parker’s true identity as he goes up against the Tinkerer in what promises to be his biggest challenge yet!
Batman: The Man Who Laughs #1 Sells Out, Heads Back For Second Printing
Batman: The Man Who Laughs #1, the most anticipated of the one-shots starring the evil Batmen, has sold out at DC and is rushing back to press for a new, second printing!
New From DST: Star-Lord, Nightwing, Iron Man And Zero
Diamond Select Toys has three new Gallery PVC dioramas and one Premier Collection statue hitting comic shops this week! Click to see what's available now!
'Quantum And Woody' Celebration: From Worst Super Team To "GOAT"
Congratulations, QUANTUM AND WOODY! #3 is Having a Baby (Goat) in February! (God Help Us All.) Valiant “Celebrates” 50 Issues of the World’s Worst Superhero Team...
The Valderrama Bros. Are Now Giants
A race of horrifying monsters is unleashed, driving humanity underground. These giants are none other than The Valderrama Bros., and they have a new five-issue mini-series from Dark Horse Comics!
New Mark Brooks Covers And Kim Jacinto Interiors For 'Avengers: No Surrender'!
Just revealed: New covers and interior art from the second month of 'Avengers: No Surrender'. In comic shops this February!
The Untold Story Of Ninja-G
On February 14th, 2018, in the pages of Valiant's <strong>Ninja-K #4</strong>, discover the untold story of Ninja-G – the first female operative of MI-6’s most deeply classified...
Pop! Horror 8-Bit Alien Xenomorph Is A PREVIEWS Exclusive
This 8-Bit PREVIEWS Exclusive Blood Splatter Xenomorph from the Alien series looks terrifying covered in blood spatters! Preorder this PX Pop! Figure now!
Marvel Wants you To Save The Date In 2018...
First comes love then comes marriage...but not until 2018! Marvel wants you To save the date in 2018...but for which two characters?
PREVIEWS Prevue: Kirby & Wood On Amigo Comics' Skymasters
The team at Amigos are honored to present a preview to one incredible and legendary book. Jack Kirby! Wallace Wood! Yes, here at Amigo Comics, edited by Ferran Delgado… SKYMASTERS!
Diamond Select Toys November PREVIEWS Roundup
Diamond Select Toys has new items in the November PREVIEWS from Pacific Rim Uprising, Justice League, Batman Beyond, Kingdom Hearts, and Marvel!